Schools & Group of 10+

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World aquarium considers education as an important cornerstone of our operation. Our objective is to "inspire all our visitors to CARE and have an active interest in protecting the marine environment".

Why choose SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World ?

Here's why to choose SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World Aquarium for your school:

  • We provide dynamic, interactive education programs and experiences for schools and the general public.
  • We show the wonder of the aquatic environments to all visitors.
  • We increase conservation awareness and encourage actions which positively contribute to its care.
  • Each learning experience offered at the aquarium is educational and innovative, but more than that, it is a unique experience that impacts the way people see our aquatic environment. A visit to the Ocean School will extend existing knowledge, touch a sense of wonder and heighten an appreciation of nature. The journey through the aquarium is one of exploration, where each participant has the opportunity to explore and investigate the aquatic world using a variety of approaches that take into account the different ways that people are able to learn.

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